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Area 51

This addon is going to be alot like Blake Stone and Perfect Dark...
With the war ending and peace returning to the world, you look up at the stars and see something flying over your head and then a big BOOM!!!  You run to the unknown object only to see a very deep crater hole.....
Upon returning to the U.S.A. you report the U.F.O. sighting to your commanding chief.  He gives you a brief report: These U.F.O. sightings are common, during the war, sightings were reported in the U.S.A. about U.F.O.'s.  We suspect our own government is covering this up.  There is only one explaination for this, the secret code base Area 51...
We also have a prime suspect who is incharge of the Area 51 base:  James Rupert...  As the former head of the C.I.A. he has disapeared and is suspected to be in Area 51.
Many have entered but never returned, once discovered you are hidden away forever, what becomes of he/she is not known.  But as an american solider you must enter Area 51 and bring back evidence linking James Rupert to these sightings and the cover up at Area 51...

-Over 60 new sprites added into the engine
-8 Weapons or more
-New ammo types
-Electric beams that can be shut down
-Exploding Barrels
-Computers that do things...Also exploding damaging you and enemies
-New doors
-Lots of other stuff to that I can't even think of... LOL

Area 51 - Game Manual


Knife:  When you have no gun this is your last resort.

Pistol:  The pistol is good for dealing with one on one enemies.
Neutron Disrupter:  This weapon is good for taking out small groups of enemies.    
Dual Neutron Disrupter:  This has two barrels on it and packs a mighty punch.  Use this for large groups of enemies and bosses.


Plasma Rifle:  Fast firing weapon and can take lots of damage to enemies.
Eki 11:  Has a lazer red dot on it to pick off enemies dead on.  Can't miss with this.


Motor Launcher:  Use this on enemies and bosses.  But beware its ammo goes down quick.
Dual Motor Launcher:  Destroys everything in its path.  But to use such a big weapon, its ammo goes quicker then the Motor Launcher.



Large Medical Kits:  Rase your health 25%
Small Medical Kits:  Rase your by 10%
Needles:  Rase your health by 5% 


Keys:  Yellow card opens a certain door.  Blue card certain door to.


Full Heal:  Gives you 100% health an extra life and gives you more ammo for your guns. 



Scientist:  Moving targets, they are Area 51 inhumane scientists shoot and kill. 


Area 51 Guards:  Not to smart, but are dangerous in packs.


Area 51 Trooper:  These guys carry neutron disrupters and are highely trained soliders.


Area 51 Officer:  Armed with a dual neutron disrupter and protected with body armor.  They will take a bullet and shoot right back.


Spork:  Vicious animal type creature, with huge claws ready to slice and dice.


Spork Protecter:  Armed with a eki 11, and our speedy little buggers.


Spork Cloaked:  Same as the above but except hard to see and more dangerous.


Spork Commander:  Armed with a dual neutron disrupter.  Don't doubt his intelligence and speed, otherwise its lights out.


Spork General:  The leader of the Spork army.  This six armed creature is dumb but is as tough as a dump truck.


James Rupert/Spork Emperor:  Not sure what the connection is between these two.  But it can't be good.


Interactive Objects:

Camera:  Spots your position and informs guards.


Barrels:  Certain barrels if shot will explode hurting you and any enemies around you.  Keep your distance.


Switch Panels:  When the red light is on, an electric beam is near.  Power it down and the red light turns off and so does the electric beams.


Electric Beam:  Can take massive damage if to close.  Power them down with switches to walk through them.


Toxic Barrel/Waste:  When you see a toxic barrel around, there is usually some deadly chemical waste with it.


Computers:  Able to be blown up to damage you and enemies.  But also able to operate other things in the level.


Other objects:

Space Ship:  Your escape route from Area 51 and the Spork's ship.


Teleporting Pads:  Able to teleport you from one area to another.