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Christmas List 2006


-Books - Exchange or Exchange Server for dummies, Cisco Certified Network Associate (approx.$40-$50)
-Tattoo Gift Certificate
-Pocket pc - Computer Boulevard Gift Certificate
-Certification money (for school exams)
-Love seat
-Book shelf
-Computer desk
-Electric shaver
-Shelf to put stereo system on
-Lazy boy
-DVD-r (blank dvd's for burning)
-Judge Judy DVD
-$$$ for all the debt we will incur in the next year LoL :)


-my two front teeth
-small and med. frying pans (cool egg one at five small rms on kenaston and grant only $15.99 :)
-plain white that i am going to be a nurse :)
-GAP 'so pink' perfume
-gift certs to polo park, st.vital, reitmans, old navy, la senza, the movie theatre or home outfitters
-make a charitable donation in my name
-purse or gift cert to Boes or The GAP
-a new car :)
-the magic bullet ($49.99 @ Cdn Tire) for luke and me?!
-good hair straightner
-t.v. trays, wood ones similar to moms ($49.99 @ Wal-mart)
-electric griddle or Breakfast 101 set from Linen's and Things ($19.99)
-board games (cranium $24.99 @ Superstore, outburst...anything, don't have any games)
-anything for our wedding :)
-Biggest Loser cookbook (Wal-mart)
-toboggan (for family)
-new winter coat
-VCR/DVD Combo (for Luke and me)


-paint/art supplies
-anything Thomas the Train
-train table
-books for leappad (preschool one)
-v-smile game system ($59.99 @ Wal-mart) or leappad learning game system which i think is $49.99
-doctors kit
-Little People preschool or car garage ($34.99-$39.99)
-board games and puzzles
-educational games and books
-slippers for daycare (size 11-12)
-clothes (size 4-5) - long sleeved shirts, outfits, p.j.'s
-baseball bat and ball
-anything Buzz Lightyear


-bread box
-glass cutting board
-rolling pin
-pizza cutter
-egg beaters
-feather pillows x2
-medium black purse
-3 8x10 black picture frames
-fruit bowl
-leather jacket
-silver hoop earrings - all different sizes (Claire's)
-Gift cert. to LaSenza
-The Little Mermaid
-Board Games (DVD ones; Deal or No Deal)
-VCR/DVD Combo


-Couch blanket
-sun glasses
-World peace
-Leather jacket
-Corner Gas Collector's Edition
-Beard trimmer
-End of starvation
-Calgary Flames Jersey (BRODY TOO)
-Ass-less chaps
-CD case
-PS2 Games (sports one)
*Note* Fav. hockey team Calgary Flames


-Doctor's kit
-Games (ages 4 & up)
-Interactive TV games
-Puzzles (24 pieces)
-Buzz and Woody action figures (small)
-Pants (size 5)
-Calgary Flames Jersey (Ralph too)
-Long sleeve shirts (size 5)
-C.D.'S (barney or veggie tales)
-Big kid bath toys
-Toy camera
-P.J'S (size 5)


-Feather pillow
-Tall upside down lamp not sure what its called
-Edmonton oilers cap
-Virtual memory for computer as much as you can get
-Aquarium decorations no rubber glow in the dark stuff pls
-Jeans W40 L32 dark blue
-Frying pan + pizza pan
-Adidas Cologne
-Pet land gift certificate
-Six pack of Smirnoff Caesers
-Red Lobster gift certificate.


-******Beatmania IIDX Happy Sky Game (really wants this!!!)
the exact link is:
-****Yoshi's Island DS (for Nintendo DS)
-***Family Guy Volume 4 (DVD)
-**Guitar hero 2 (PS2) (the game only)
-*Gift certificate to Polo Park
-South Park Season 8
-The DaVinci Code
-A laptop (meh, it's worth a try)
-Best Buy gift certificate
-PSP Value Pack
-The Nintendo Wii System (I want soo much) If the Wii is bought I would like 'The Legend of Zelda: Twlight Princess' game to go with it :)
*NOTE* Top 5 items are the ones I want the most!


-Canned Ham mmmm!!
-My family home for the holidays
-No stress, you can all just pray for that, its free!
-Peace on earth and goodwill to ALL mankind


-Mennonite Treasury Cookbook
-Aboriginal Art
-Candles (no flowery scents)
-V-neck t-shirts or 3/4 length sleeves
-Manicure or pedicure
-Kitchen hand towels and tea towels
-Gift certificate to McNally or inspirational books, true stories, etc.
-Eagle and Hawk CD
-Ruben Studdard Gospel CD
-Earrings, gold or silver *NO STUDS*
-Fireplace tools - Black or wrought iron
-Fireplace box....wood holder....and some wood too :)


-treats...anything edible that smells like chicken :)


-soldiers/tanks/army stuff
-pirate ship
-bean bag chair
-Cars (the movie) hat&gloves/dish set/thermos (anything)
-Star wars stuff
-Pirates (board game)
-Paintball game (p.1037 in sears catalogue)
-King Kong - PS2 games
-Race Cars (p.914A)


-Bratz (anything to do with Bratz)
-Polly Pocket
-Pixil Chix Collection
-Baby alive
-Easy Bake Oven
-Canadian Fashion Girls
-Dolls that you can do their hair and make-up
-Board games


-Stroller and other doll accessories
-My little Pony and accessories
-Cash register/shopping cart/play food
-Pixil Chix Collection
-Canadian Fashion Girls
-Baby Alive
-Board Games

*NOTE* Phoenix, Dakota & Cheyenne all marked off things in the Sears Catalogue that I have if more details are needed.

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Santa Claus w/christmas tree

Christmas items

Sparkling Christmas lights

Ringing Bells

Illustration: On Santas tree

Christmas tree by fireplace

Candle surrounded by poinsettias