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My Addons

Operation Buzz Bomb

Project Esiam

Wolfenstein Special Edition

Himmler's SS

Sorcerers Wrath Demo

Area 51

Note Area 51 was never finished, it goes upto level 11. I only released it because I did not want my work to goto waste.

Addon Information:
Operation Buzz Bomb:  This is the first addon I made nuttin to special here.
Project Esiam:  Second addon contains new code and new gfx.
Wolfenstein Special Edition:  Lots of new features not seen in wolf3d, a shot gun reloading......
Himmler's SS:  Features galore not known to a wolfer until now...Including a flame thrower.......
Sorcerers Wrath Demo:  What can I say about this.....Not done yet but its amazing, a medival type scenery....A must try!!!!
Area 51:  Not done yet but expect it to be awsome. Complete new gfx. maps, and code. For those of you who have played Perfect Dark get ready for something that is close to it...... 


Operation: Arctic Wolf ( DOS Code )

Himmler's SS Source Code

Wolfenstein Special Edition Source Code