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News Archive

12/27/2015 - Trying to keep up with regular updates fellow Wolfers! All screen shots have been uploaded to Operation: Arctic Wolf. It has also come to my attention after test some tutorials the Ghost tutorial I excluded a step in the WL_Game Spawn routine. I will fix it when I have the extra time.
12/25/2015 - Merry Christmas! Lots of updates to Operation: Arctic Wolf. This project will not die!!!
5/23/2013 - 3:00pm - Operation: Arctic Wolf site built. moved to Links section restored broken links removed, new links added. News section will now store old updates keeping in real-time. Operation: Arctic Wolf site will temporary go down on the weekend and be re-published with "up to date" information. Updates and major changes to this site are taking place and are ongoing cause I got some damn free time for once :-D. Anyways I will be releasing the DOS-code for Operation: Arctic Wolf if you missed my post on the wolf3d forum. In case anyone is actually doubting that "doper" is actually Luke Strauman lol
05/23/2014 Major changes taking place on this site as you can see. Operation Arctic section will be temporary shut down for the weekend and then re-published with alot of new changes and some special releases to the public.
01/19/2014 Holy fucken shit an update ya I am alive. Wolf3d fans :-D Unfortunately I have this nagging thing called a " life " LOL that gets in the way of my work and after doing a massive amount of coding in Operation Arctic Wolf and releasing screen shots from alot of the fan mail I have received basically everyone wants this game released and all my future games released in SDL.... so not going to bs I will be re-writing the code but on the great side all my graphics which was 95% and maps 10% done can be saved. Of course also releasing in SDL will allow alot more features to of course. My News is updated to can u believe it !!!!
September 30, 2005 - Like I said very early stages of Sorcerers Wrath I been working on the weapons, enemies and source code the most. Next month the screen shots will be more interesting.