Operation: Arctic Wolf

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09/11/2020 -
Operation: Arctic Wolf beta released scroll down for the download.

08/13/2020 -
As promised the 1 level beta is on track for release at the end of the month! What this means is this will be a level that is 101% completed :-) and what to expect through out the game. I have finally completed the map design for the last level that is to my liking. Arminus is a tough cookie

08/10/2020 - New Screen shots added see bottom of the page.
Removed out dated Operation: Arctic Wolf manual

08/05/2020 -
I will be uploading a one level beta of Operation: Arctic Wolf this month... Stay tuned :-O!

07/24/2020 - All levels except for the final level are are now completed.Rebuilding the final level again and again and again, still trying to come up with a concept design.

07/09/2020 - Operation Arctic: Wolf is making outstanding progress, the final level is being re-done for the 23rd time now :-( this will continue until the difficulty and the overall intensity of the level is right. I have added another enemy to the Minecraft level it should add another element of fun and be annoying at the same time :-)

Operation: Arctic Wolf - 1 Level Beta