Wolf3d Heaven And Hell



This site was created for people who love the classic Wolfenstein 3D game.  On here there are four sections News on my site and and tc progress.  My Addons which I made.  Source Code for anyone who wants questions anwsered or just tutorials on something and Links to other sites. 

This site is dedicated to the fans of  ID Software's Wolfenstein 3d, the godfather of first person shooter.



What's New?

08/07/2020 New tutorial added - Understanding Rippers Outside Atmosphere see tutorials section.

08/05/2020 - I will be deploying a NAS Server this month to accommodate hosting space issues moving forward.
Open up 08/01/2020 - Going to try keep up with regular updates from my actual site from now on and moving forward with all my mods. The annoying tendencies of forums and fans is just to much of a distraction, I only want to work on Wolfenstein mods quietly in peace so I can get them out to you fans as fast as possible. Until I see a really amazing mod that takes this "gem SDL code" and really makes something happen with the code I am not really convinced SDL is that much superior to some of the DOS mods I have seen, the engine is amazing but the mods being made from it are great at best but nothing that has made me want to stop doing DOS code
07/24/2020 - I will be updating my tutorials section soon with some new goodies very soon and fixing broken code.

07/09/2020 - Operation Arctic: Wolf is making outstanding progress, the final level is being re-done for the 23rd time now :-( this will continue until the difficulty and the overall intensity of the level is right. I have added another enemy to the Minecraft level it should add another element of fun and be annoying at the same time :-)

Please get in touch with any comments, questions to my site or if you need help with something within the source code drop me a line at: